The future European Transport Policy is currently being outlined. The design of the new TEN-T network will indicate a major change compared to the current TEN-T network, with wider impacts for regional bodies that have not been involved so far in TEN-T development. The TEN-T network will evolve into a multi-modal, corridor-based network.

Through this development the regions need to maintain transport infrastructure service provision that is consistent with the various requirements and different timescales involved. They also have to adopt new technological innovations in line with the European White Paper and in the most efficient manner.

The TEN-TaNS project will look deeper into the core and comprehensive networks and how the development of these networks can be supported by public authorities and infrastructure providers at a regional level. A special focus will be given to the horizontal issues.

Current policy developments will be analysed and the requirements of being part of the TEN-T network in terms of infrastructure and services will be clarified for all transport and intermodal modes and translated to the regional level via a toolbox specifically developed in the TEN-TaNS project.

Project duration: 1 August 2013 to 30 June 2015