Results from the 2014 CEF call – Searchable Database

The TEN-TaNS project has made a searchable database of the results of the 2104 CEF Annual and Multi-annual calls for the North Sea Region. The dataset is as published by INEA and covers the 280 TEN-T project applications to the CEF which have included a partner from one or more of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom (Norway was not involved in any application). The dataset shows projects approved and not approved and is searchable by single and multiple flters of; Priority, Type of work (works/studies/mixed), Country of involved partners and whether or not the application was approved. The results can be additionally sorted by the size of grant and funding rate. We hope this tool will inform prospective partners for the next round which is eagerly awaited ! To access the database please download the excel spreadsheet from the link below.